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Dancers Tips and Advice  more → · post
VideoTop Dancing Tips For Men

The key rule of taking over the dancing floor is to keep your head up. Most men make the mistake of looking at the feet when dancing. If you're taking a look at the ground, you are certain to look awkard and submissive. So, make sure that you look into the other person's eye. This may be a little complicated but you shall start to like it, once you get into the habit.

Don't try over complicated moves unless you are a trained dancer or related to Michael Jackson in some form. Straightforward moves, when performed confidently can make you look nice on the dance floor. After all, it's... more →
Your Dance Technique

from Ashley Wheeler

Ballet terminology has become dance terminology. Try to do at least one good absolute beginners Ballet class or video - it'll give you all the information you need on feet and arm positions, basic movements and pointing the foot.

All these dance tips will prove invaluable for any other dance class that you choose to do. You'll need good posture and balance no matter what dance you want to do, and you will repeatedly hear things like "Stand with your feet in second position".

It's a real boost to the confidence if you know what this is! And... more →

Dancers Market Place  more → · post
Dance Costumes and Dance Wear
If your going to compete or do a dance show you will need costumes. Kelle Company is a great online store for Dance Costumes and Dance Wear. You can also go to your local Dance Store. Kelle Company will send you a free catalog. "Over the years, Kellé has grown and developed an inner rhythm that dares to be different. A shared vision that is embraced by every employee of our company," says president Debbie Simmons. "We offer a fresh approach to costume design."  more →
Dancing Shoes
We carry hand crafted ballroom and Latin dance shoes from the world’s finest dance shoes manufacture: Very Fine Dance Shoes. Our dance shoes are for ballroom, Latin, salsa, swing & tango dancing. Check out the hottest salsa dance sneaker here. We have one of the largest selections of ballroom dance shoes in the world and are ready to ship out from our huge warehouse in the US within 1-2 business day and FREE SHIPPING! Check out DanceShoesStore.com today!  more →

Most Active Dancer Profiles (Past 24 Hours) more →

#12858 Trish

#15841 ERIKA

#13028 Crystal

#37700 Carmelia

Dancers Insider  more → · post
Nov 26 - Grey leads 'Dancing'; Palin still in third place
With all viewer votes cast, Jennifer Grey led the way toward the "Dancing With the Stars" crown.

The 50-year-old actress earned another perfect score during Tuesday's season finale, besting fellow finalists... more →
Nov 5 - Out of Context is a remarkable Ballet
The NAC Dance season opens with Out of Context - for Pina by Alain Platel and les ballets C de la B, which was recently named 2010 Production of the Year by a jury of 29 European critics for the German dance magazine... more →
Nov 5 - Styles of belly dance
There are a number of styles of within belly dance and these styles include Egyptian, Persian, Turkish, Lebanese, tribal and cabaret forms.  Here are eight styles.

1. Flamenco Fusion belly dance is also... more →
Video Oct 5 - Zumba Secrets: How to Get a Workout at Da Club This Weekend
Treat it like an interval workout: A Zumba class can burn 500 to 1000 calories an hour--and so can your average night of dancing.

"What makes Zumba such a great workout is that you're constantly moving," says... more →
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Dancers Network Personal Updates
13028“What do you order as gifts for the girls throwing your baby shower? UJENA BIKINIS!!!!!!”
Crystal - 02/05 12:29 ago (comment)
 14346“I like this.”
Aneese - 02/05 18:06 ago.
33361“hey strangers :)”
Casey Alexis - 12/17 17:18 ago (comment)
 43740“I like this.”
Aneese - 01/18 10:59 ago.
 9870“Hey Casey. It has been a long time!”
Keith McNulty - 01/17 17:18 ago.
 29308“I like this.”
Carey Bisbee - 01/16 14:06 ago.
 28109“I like this.”
DAVID - 01/06 15:02 ago.
 43680“I like this.”
Workaholic_1 - 12/19 12:22 ago.
 36179“I like this.”
Aklens200 (R.O. Originals Premium Photography) - 12/17 17:39 ago.
40980“Well then”
manda - 10/04 21:24 ago (comment)
 10070“I like this.”
Bob Anderson - 10/12 22:21 ago.
 39610“I like this.”
~Gwendolyn~ - 10/07 20:32 ago.
 36179“I like this.”
Aklens200 (R.O. Originals Premium Photography) - 10/05 09:04 ago.
43326“just uploaded some photos from my first shoot, I'm so excited even though there is so much to learn!”
Hunter - 06/22 17:07 ago (comment)
 39610“I like this.”
~Gwendolyn~ - 07/06 13:43 ago.
 43005“I like this.”
zleader - 06/29 12:59 ago.
 35534“I like this.”
Ron - 06/23 09:11 ago.
 36179“I like this.”
Aklens200 (R.O. Originals Premium Photography) - 06/22 22:01 ago.
42777“How is everyone doing today?”
Sammi Ross - 04/13 18:21 ago (comment)
 39610“I like this.”
~Gwendolyn~ - 04/22 10:26 ago.
 10070“I like this.”
Bob Anderson - 04/15 11:27 ago.
 36179“I like this.”
Aklens200 (R.O. Originals Premium Photography) - 04/14 21:54 ago.
33591“...p.s.------survivor---right here!!”
Sandy Reagin - 03/28 01:19 ago (comment)
11175“Delete Me”
mccstudio - 02/25 03:25 ago (comment)
12858“What's the plan for New Years Eve?”
Trish - 12/29 09:38 ago (comment)
 37895“Happy New Year Trish!”
THE DAVESTER - 01/02 11:25 ago.
 39610“I like this.”
~Gwendolyn~ - 01/01 20:41 ago.
Dancers Network Notebook
37908jd - Sat 2/26/11 10:03 pm
Good night all, wishing everone best of luck who are going on the trip tomorrow!

22809Seven - Sun 2/13/11 10:50 pm
I am performing two shows in March! One is an improvisational piece and other Hip Hop. Wooop! The performance will be at Linn Benton Community College

35062Alex - Fri 7/30/10 5:42 am
My daughter is going to be running her own class this fall in dance at college. She was picked to do one of the dancers and will be teaching other for the Winter Dance Show. How cool.

35062Alex - Sat 7/10/10 5:44 am
My dancer daughter is off to take a test so she can be certified to teach. She is nervous but she will do fine.

35062Alex - Wed 7/7/10 9:11 am
A dancers life and even simple. My daughter and now dancing in a show in the fall but has to practice all summer. Nothing easy.

32873Mariah - Thu 6/24/10 5:35 pm
I had dance rehearsals all day today for the music video I am shooting Saturday!

35062Alex - Thu 6/17/10 1:53 pm
My daughter just got pick to choreograph her college's winetr dance recital. Cool thing is she is freshman and will only be a sophomore when she does it next year. Kids at the scholl will be taking a class with her. How awesome is that. Ok proud mom.

32873Mariah - Sun 6/13/10 6:39 pm
I start working with the choreographer next week to learn the dances for a music video I am shooting at the end of the month.

34836Marla - Fri 6/4/10 8:18 pm
I minored in dance in college but you wouldn't believe it to see me today!

35062Alex - Thu 5/27/10 6:40 am
Mu daughter just got her costumes for the show and they are beautiful.

35062Alex - Tue 5/25/10 11:21 am
My younger daughters dance recital is coming up soon. I can't wait to see her.

32873Mariah - Fri 5/21/10 9:48 pm
I got to work with an awesome choreographer today! He has worked with Mariah Carey, Brittney Spears, Justin Timberlake....

Dancers Network more → · post
My Actors and Entertainment Insider
September 11 - Emily Blunt Expecting First Child With John Krasinski

Good news for Emily Blunt and John Krasinski! The Into the Woods actress is pregnant, her rep... more →
posted by Brandy 09/11 2:01 pm

My Makeup and Beauty Insider
How Germy Is Your Makeup?
Maybe it's your favorite shade of eyeshadow or blush, a seemingly-endless bottle of moisturizer, or a killer lipstick... more →
posted by Tina Marie 02/20 8:51 am

Video My Ujena Opinion Poll
How much time do you spend on Facebook?

Facebook has taken over the world.  It is a great place to stay in touch with friends and to meet new... more →
posted by Bob Anderson 03/06 9:29 am

My I Want To Go Jam Insider
I want to go to the jam and need sponsors
I want to go to next years Jam & need help with getting My PF together and some money to get there. Could use a... more →
posted by FITKAYLA 09/28 2:55 am

My Fitness and Sports Insider
August 29 - Miguel Cabrera suffers ab injury, day to day
Detroit Tigers third baseman Miguel Cabrera left today's game against the Oakland Athletics with discomfort in his... more →
posted by Dara 08/29 3:12 pm

My UjENA Insider
July 11 - Cory Booker raises $4.6 million in 3 months
Newark Mayor Cory Booker raised $4.6 million in the past three months for his U.S. Senate campaign, a major showing of... more →
posted by Dara 07/11 3:01 pm

My Artists Insider
Jan 7 - LA billionaire Eli Broad unveils design of his downtown contemporary art museum
Billionaire Eli Broad's planned downtown Los Angeles contemporary art museum is a three-story, $130 million honeycomb... more →
posted by Ariana 01/06 8:59 pm

My Filmmakers and Movies Insider
September 11 - Pirates of the Caribbean sequel delayed
The next Pirates of the Caribbean film has been delayed beyond its planned 2015 release. Disney's Pirates of... more →
posted by Dara 09/11 1:54 pm

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