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Swimwear Model: Nina Napoletano


Swimwear Model: Nina Napoletano Nina Napoletano is definitely living the model life with her busy schedule, constant travel, and photo shoots all over the globe.  Now a days, she is lucky if she is able to catch a break because of

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Fashion Police: Hot Suit

sexy scoop

Fashion Police: Hot Suit Earlier this week Kourtney Kardashian was spotted showing off her amazing post-baby figure in a body loving One Piece in 2 different colors!  While the fit and style of these silhouette one pieces are plain and

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Swimwear Model: Patricia Butler


Swimwear Model: Patricia Butler We had the pleasure of working with Patricia Butler this past year at our annual UjENA Jam held in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  This was our first time shooting with Patricia and we have to say

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Fashion Police: Beachin’ Hot

strapless twist

Fashion Police: Beachin’ Hot The amazing and beautiful Emily Ratajkowski, model/actress seems to look great in pretty much anything she chooses to wear.  She recently showed off her toned figure and ample assets when she decided to vacation in Positano,

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Sun, Sea, Sand and Swimwear!


Sun, Sea, Sand and Swimwear  The beach is calling our name! Check out UjENA’s Top Five Beaches around the world for the Spring of 2016.   First thing is first…do you have a UjENA Suit?  Yes?  You are on the

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Swimwear Model: Hannah Colbourne

ujena girl hannah

Swimwear Model: Hannah Colbourne We got the pleasure of working with this 6’1 Canadian beauty back in 2012 when she joined us for our UjENA Jam in Mexico.  Only 15 years old at the time, she attended our modeling event

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Must Have UjENA Suits

must have

Must Have UjENA Suits As the sun is starting to shine and the heat waves are coming our way here in the Bay Area, we get excited thinking about SUMMER! BUT let’s not forget that we must feel our BEST

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Pregnancy: Then vs. Now


Pregnancy: Then vs. Now A lot has changed in the last few decades in terms of a woman’s pregnancy.  From what is eaten, to what is being worn, to just how much or how little exercise you do or don’t

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Flashback on #TBT!


Flashback on #TBT! From Facebook, Yelp, Blogs and magazines, we receive many reviews and inquiries about our product on the daily…being that we are a swimwear company in the Bay Area, many people have much to say when it comes

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UjENA Swimwear Fashion Police: #BeachFail


UjENA Swimwear Fashion Police: #BeachFail There is no doubt that Daphne Joy, ex to rapper 50 Cent and now the better half to Jason Derulo, is smokin’ hot.  She’s got the looks and the curves that would make anything she

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