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32873 “If you always whine about running you need to watch the video I just posted. Truly an inspiration!…” Mariah, Model 

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1086 views since 04/26/2010. Rated: 4.7 by 44 members, 208 points. Rate This Photo: 1 2 3 4 5

Yes! Horses at a bike wash!
Photo by Sam Cantu

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Tagged in this photo: Mariah (#32873), Sam (#32436), Jay (#32922)

Uploaded 4/26/10

37448David Hicks Photography - Fri 12/10/10 11:34 am
I would love to do a shoot like this. Beautiful girl in swimsuit and horse. You got it.

36357Svetlana Karina - Sun 8/1/10 4:07 pm
I definately prefer your expression here than the other one. :)

36969Hollywd - Mon 7/12/10 4:13 pm
This set is so cool. Very attractive and beautiful.

36510MrsDeMarco - Fri 7/9/10 3:16 am
Go get 'em cowgirl!

32922Jay - Tue 6/15/10 1:34 pm
ok hun have it your way i guess if you go this way you will make it to the sunny uk at somepoint lol :-)

36061Lauren Rose - Sun 6/13/10 10:27 pm
Giddy up!!!!

36510MrsDeMarco - Thu 6/10/10 7:00 pm
You really look like you know what you are doing! ROFL

35675CandiForbes - Mon 5/10/10 7:26 pm
OMG. . Sam was telling me about the horses!! Very good look for you!

12526Lilly Firebell - Fri 5/7/10 3:44 pm

34836Marla - Wed 5/5/10 5:08 pm
Yes, Sam, we do have access to some horses. When do you want to shoot?

35062Alex - Wed 5/5/10 4:13 am
Wow what a great pic.

34631Nikki T. - Tue 5/4/10 6:19 pm
Love it!

32436Sam - Tue 5/4/10 10:37 am
guess they like our horse pics... know any horses?? :

15083Roberto - Tue 5/4/10 6:50 am
I can tell you are genuinely loving this shoot..How can a Texan girl not love horses huh ? ..lol.

34602Carlitos - Mon 5/3/10 10:36 pm

31146Jessica Nicole - Fri 4/30/10 1:40 pm
cute stuff!

33361Casey Alexis - Fri 4/30/10 12:54 pm

35744KenieshaC - Tue 4/27/10 10:55 pm
Great shot. Look like so much fun :D

33278Susan M Murphy - Tue 4/27/10 6:47 pm
I love ridding!

16550catherine.st-pierre - Tue 4/27/10 3:20 pm
This is gorgeous, lucky girl!

29533YAMILE - Tue 4/27/10 2:55 pm
really lovely :)

33704Nicole Gagne` - Tue 4/27/10 5:35 am
What An Awesome Horse Shot

33446Photography By Glenn - Mon 4/26/10 9:54 pm
So Beautiful!! Great Expression!!

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