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32873 “If you always whine about running you need to watch the video I just posted. Truly an inspiration!…” Mariah, Model 

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5675 views since 05/26/2010. Rated: 4.7 by 51 members, 238 points. Rate This Photo: 1 2 3 4 5

Mariah on the rocks!
Photography by Robby Rodrick 2nd place winner bikini contest!

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Tagged in this photo: Mariah (#32873), Robby Rodrick (#34454), Svetlana Karina (#36357)

Uploaded 5/26/10

39824JLPortraits USA Photography Services - Fri 8/3/12 2:27 pm
Gorgeous I love healthy skin look when it comes to swimsuit fashion wear and your body looks beautiful from head to toes good job in taking care of yourself.

39117Anthony - Sat 3/3/12 5:43 pm
Hey... if you get any hotter im going to be called out with my fire engine :) Mariah very lovely my friend : )

37908jd - Tue 2/8/11 11:48 pm
Nice posing!

35461Marctherepairguy - Wed 7/14/10 10:12 am
Mariah, your toes are fine in this fantastic photo. But, I'd arch your soles into a perfect "C" shape, if I were the photog posing you.

 32873Mariah - Wed 7/14/10 4:08 pm
That would have improved the pic too...but I probably would have rolled right off the rocks! LOL I was holding on for dear life!

35461Marctherepairguy - Wed 7/14/10 10:10 am
Mariah, if you are good at breathholding, then, yes, we'd love to see some of you underwater. You'd look great underwater!

 32873Mariah - Wed 7/14/10 11:07 am
Check out my Ken Myers folder.

35461Marctherepairguy - Mon 7/12/10 11:28 pm
Mariah, you appear to be holding your breath in this pic.

 32873Mariah - Tue 7/13/10 8:07 pm
I probably was. I can always see what I could have done better afterwards. This would have been a much better pic if I had dropped my jaw just a little. But those rocks were uncomfortable and I thought I was going to fall off! LOL

35461Marctherepairguy - Mon 7/12/10 11:27 pm
Totally amazing photo!

 32873Mariah - Tue 7/13/10 8:05 pm
Thank you! This one was a second place winner in one of the best pic contests. The tog entered it so he won the UD's but...he also was the one who bought me the suit so I guess we both win!

33704Nicole Gagne` - Tue 6/29/10 5:12 pm
What An Awesome Pose!

15083Roberto - Sat 6/26/10 1:42 am
My Favorite Drink-"Hottie on the Rocks"..lol/kidding- Very Gorgeous Mariah !

30062juan luis - Fri 6/25/10 9:54 am
look at you!!! you are beautiful!!!

33845AmyRednour_1985 - Wed 6/16/10 4:59 pm
this one is very nice.

 32873Mariah - Wed 6/16/10 5:21 pm
Thanks Amy!!!!! Where have you been hiding?

32922Jay - Tue 6/15/10 1:19 pm
absolutely stunning as always hun :-)

35344john slade - Mon 6/14/10 8:35 am
wow...about time for more underwater shots!

 32873Mariah - Mon 6/14/10 8:42 am
I agree! I wish I could find a good UW tog around here!

36061Lauren Rose - Sun 6/13/10 10:23 pm
I wanna borrow that suit!!!!!

36330Savannah - Fri 6/11/10 4:08 am

36510MrsDeMarco - Thu 6/10/10 6:58 pm
Hott mama!

15083Roberto - Sat 6/5/10 8:34 am
Look'in Great Mariah !

34836Marla - Fri 6/4/10 7:23 pm
Very nice!

36073Destiny Wilkins - Thu 6/3/10 8:46 pm
love the suite

31781OscarAngel - Thu 6/3/10 8:20 pm
That got to hurt

34010rman007 - Thu 6/3/10 7:06 am
I've been on the rocks before, but never like this !

34010rman007 - Wed 6/2/10 4:25 pm

36357Svetlana Karina - Tue 6/1/10 2:54 pm
Nice pose sweetie.

34468LiSa ReNe' - Sat 5/29/10 8:29 pm
My mom says you are going to go far. Now I can see why!

34836Marla - Fri 5/28/10 5:35 pm
Kudos to both you and Robby!

13450Antonio - Fri 5/28/10 9:25 am
1 Mariah on the rocks please!

28705Mahlon - Thu 5/27/10 11:15 pm
This is a Great Shot - you are maturing young lady - really beautiful.

16458Ed Hisley - Thu 5/27/10 9:06 pm
WOW - killer legs.

 32873Mariah - Thu 5/27/10 9:17 pm
Thank you, Mr. Hisley!

36668Mary - Thu 5/27/10 3:17 pm
absolutely amazing shot. Great work.

 32873Mariah - Thu 5/27/10 9:17 pm
Mary!!!!! Here you are!!!!

33591Sandy Reagin - Thu 5/27/10 2:16 pm
One more, and I'm doe. Well done with the torso. SO many models suck in their stomachs with this pose, which gives them a gaping huge ribcage, which to me, is totally not sexy. You nailed it here with contracting your abs instead of sucking it in...

33591Sandy Reagin - Thu 5/27/10 2:13 pm
Finally a great one of your legs! I love it! Is this Ujena, because it should really go into the challenge, if you're still up for it. Your form is great, even a comfortable facial expression, which is hard in this position. You need to practivce, ad s

 33591Sandy Reagin - Thu 5/27/10 2:14 pm
...practice, ad stretch those feet out to point your toes as far as the ground when sitting in a pike positio. Barbie toe all the way, baby!

 33591Sandy Reagin - Thu 5/27/10 3:07 pm
..and by that, I don't mean that your legs weren't great in the past, I meant that your legs weren't showcased as they are here....

 32873Mariah - Thu 5/27/10 9:18 pm
Work on the toes! Got it!!! Thank you!

 33591Sandy Reagin - Fri 5/28/10 7:37 am
your toes are good in this, but you know how Chris always wants us to be fantastic. You ca stretch out your feet until you can curl your toes to the ground from sitting.

33591Sandy Reagin - Thu 5/27/10 2:11 pm
I'll have one of these with a water back!!! ...Oh, wait, you're too young to know what that means...I hope.... lol :)

 32873Mariah - Wed 6/2/10 5:45 pm
What is a water back?

 33591Sandy Reagin - Wed 6/2/10 7:04 pm
It's "Mariah on the Rocks", like a drink. When you have a "back", it is another drink that you drink while having a shot or rocks drink. DOn't tell Marla I told you!

35391bikinicontestguide.com - Thu 5/27/10 7:03 am
You definitely got it goin' on in this photo. Thanks for posting it!!!

 32873Mariah - Thu 5/27/10 7:16 am
Thank you so much!

33349WeirdArchives - Thu 5/27/10 5:28 am
An old standard, but always a winner. Girl sitting on rocks under a waterfall. That never gets old. The lighting's great and the positioning is top notch! Another winner, Mariah.

10070Bob Anderson - Thu 5/27/10 12:07 am
Nice shot! You guys made it work!!!

 32873Mariah - Thu 5/27/10 3:24 am
Thanks Bob!

20133dan - Wed 5/26/10 9:20 pm
Gorgeous picture and pose! You look sensational!

 32873Mariah - Wed 5/26/10 9:27 pm
Thank you! I appreciate it!

33446Photography By Glenn - Wed 5/26/10 9:02 pm
Absolutely Beautiful!! Great Capture!!

 32873Mariah - Wed 5/26/10 9:06 pm
Thanks Glenn! Robby did a good job!

 32873Mariah - Wed 5/26/10 9:07 pm
I think they could be a lot longer!!!

 32873Mariah - Wed 5/26/10 9:06 pm

34454Robby Rodrick - Wed 5/26/10 8:53 pm
Wow the photog went all out on this one....great pose...;-)

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